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I don’t know. I feel like I should blog more…people don’t blog about unschooling tweens and teens much. Maybe because most of them have given up and put their kids in school? Maybe their kids chose school? Or they just aren’t as excited about things as they were when their kids were only just school age??

Maybe they don’t want to post pictures of kids playing computer games all the time? Ha! Maybe people just don’t blog anymore??

But I will try. I will try, to turn the tide of the many, many blogs where they are calling what they are doing ‘unschooling’ and it isn’t. Those blogs look lovely. Kids in nature. Doing art with felting needles. You know the kind. I liked them too, once. Now they drive me wild…they are confusing to new unschoolers, they are unrealistic. They can make you feel crap, too!

So. I’m going to post the truth of unschooling a tween/teen. Not all tween/teens…just mine! But I think he’s probably pretty typical, honestly…And i’ll try and do it semi-regularly..I promise!

General ‘typical’ days…

A lot of time, it looks like this…(probably 90% of time, if I’m realistic!)

Image may contain: screen and indoor

Kai games a large part of pretty much every day. Usually for the earlier part of the day with his friends from Canada and the US, on Discord…they are super back into ARK again!

When he’s not gaming, he’s watching YouTubes on gaming, and other stuff too – he likes Coyote Peterson and animal stuff, dinosaur doco’s…

Oh – and he’s also decided he’s learning Spanish, so he does a lot of Google translate to learn new phrases (and ask me for noodles in Spanish!)

However…in order to get that awesome gaming computer, earphones, etc….some of the time it looks like this:

Image may contain: 1 person, shoes, tree, grass, outdoor and nature

Kai walks 2 dogs, 5 days a week. He saved enough over 18 months to pretty much buy that whole set up himself (which is good, because we could never have afforded it otherwise!).

It’s also summer, so a lot of afternoons look like this:

Image may contain: one or more people, swimming, pool and outdoor

And those are our typical days right now….pretty much. But there are other things going on, of course…

Tween stuff

I don’t subscribe to any kind of Steiner nonsense about 7 year cycles and what-not…but I do certainly think from 11-13 is a huge and difficult time in a kids life. I know this from my own life, from my son’s life, and from watching his friends of similar ages.

Kai’s back to co-sleeping right now. He doesn’t want to be in his room – he’s scared of all.the.things…

But that’s okay. He’s sleeping with Brett in our bed, I bed hop where I can!

This temporary situation has also resulted in him reading before sleep again, which he hasn’t done in a while. I think it stops the crazy tumbling thoughts and he falls asleep faster and more peacefully….this is what he’s reading right now (and I’m looking forward to reading it when he’s finished! And we are looking forward to the movie, too!)

Image may contain: one or more people

Dungeons and Dragons!

This is a relatively new thing, and who knows how long it’ll last – but we are having a lot of fun with it right now…and have brought many friends into the D & D fold (and who knew I’d love being a Dungeon Master!?).

Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting and indoor

I like making props – though not as much as some! And I love all the ages playing in that photo – that’s pretty awesome!

D and D is so creative, so collaborative. I love seeing what the kids do with the adventures – things I wouldn’t even have thought of to solve problems and fight monsters! Plus – we’ve never had that many people in our tiny lounge before!

So, there’s a quick update. If anyone still read this blog (or others, in fact!?) and has questions or ideas for a focus post…leave me a comment! I promise there will be no romanticizing the outdoors and felting needles here!


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I feel like I should write more here. There is so much pseudo-unschooling nonsense around…bloggers claiming to be unschoolers, when clearly they are relaxed homeschoolers. Bloggers who used to be unschoolers, but have turned to curriculum. Bloggers with kids not even school-age, dishing out unschooling advice…

But quite honestly, we are busy living life and I don’t seem to have the time, energy or inclination to write much here anymore.

However, i’m going to try! Maybe if I start writing, i’ll be more inspired to write more!?

My Dad died, recently. I went to England to try and see him, but he passed away on while I was on the plane. The known perils of living so far away. Kai chose not to come with me, knowing that he would be spending a lot of time at Nana’s while Brett was at work, but preferring that option to a long plane ride and a, quite frankly, not fun visit to the UK.

Although it was heartbreaking to be away from him for 3 weeks, he was amazing – he was fully aware it was his choice, and was aware of the consequences of his choice. He didn’t complain or really get sad. I absolutely believe that having had the opportunity to make his own decisions, though unschooling, helped him while I was away. Skype helped too – so much! Some days we skyped for hours and watched Anime together while I was away.

Talking of Anime, Kai’s pretty into Anime right now – Naruto, Dragonball Z, Avatar: Last Airbender…it’s super fun to watch with him and learn all about it.

As per my last post (which was a while ag0!), unschooling a tween remains a very cool thing…pop culture is huge in our house…12592312_10153849317031168_4754127663419018341_n

These were a few of the goodies I brought back from the UK!

He’s also super into graphic comics (like the Darth Vader series above) and we’ve been getting a pile from the library….For those who might think comics are a lower form of reading material, this article crossed my path today…yesterday we visited an amazing local comic shop – I love that I get to experience things I would never have done had we not embraced unschooling…


Check out all the PoP Vinyl figures! Agggh!

What else? The day I flew back from the UK, we went to Not Back to School Party at Geelong Adventure Park. A friend drove us….since I don’t think I was safe to drive. It was an amazing day – from what I can remember!


As if that wasn’t enough to contend with with jetlag, we also went to our first homeschool camp last Wednesday! To Lorne Foreshore Caravan Park….Kai and I camped with our new tent – which I put up single-handedly!

We had an awesome, abeit exhausting, time with friends – much time spent on the beach, on the boogie board, reading, and playing board games at night…



This week we will be back to our normal park day, and have a cosplay birthday party….maybe stay-tuned, I might be back!



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I haven’t been very good at keeping up in England! We’ve been here 16 days and I posted once! Anyway – it’s Day in The Life Day…so I tried hard to keep a track today.

We woke up about 8am at my Dad’s house – in Somerset England. We’ve been there 6 days, weather has been amazing! Kai watched some Pokemon, then played DS Pokemon, and ate some cereal. We packed our bags, and left them around  10.30am to drive back to my Mum’s in Birmingham – about a 2 hour motorway drive…

Kai played DS Pokemon the whole way back…



…backseat complete with Monster Munch!

About half-way we stopped at the Motorway services near Gloucester. It was brand new, and very fancy. All locally sourced food and bread made on site, etc….I got sushi. Brett got a sandwich. Kai got his very first baguette with smoked salmon and cream cheese! (don’t ask about the price!!)


He also got his usual juice, and some fancy chips/crisps…he looked at the packet of chips, and said (quizzically!) ‘Salty Dog?’ – they were called Salty Dog crisps….and he read the packet….I know his reading has improved heaps lately, so I suppose I shouldn’t have been that surprised!

We got to Mum’s around 1pm, and I went with her to the doctor around 2.30pm…the boys stayed home, Kai back to to Pokemon DS…

We had dinner and Kai, Brett and I decided to go for a walk at Clent Hills since the weather was so lovely and it doesn’t get dark till around 10pm! We parked at the pub, then hiked up the hill, where we think we found a badger sett, which was pretty cool….


Kai spent a lot of time looking for real evidence – poop and hairs – to no avail, but i’m pretty sure it’s a badger sett, not a fox hole…

We walked back to the pub, and had a drink each. Despite it being such a lovely evening, we had the gardens to ourselves!


Kai went straight to bed when we got home – with a Yorkie (chocolate bar!) and a glass of banana strawberry innocent smoothie…oh, and watching Fanboy & Chum Chum!

That was our day, hope yours was full of sunshine too!


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This morning we were all up early…maybe by 8am? The whole  family! That doesn’t happen often! Kai immediately skyped his friend Bluin – who we’ve known from Boulder since we lived there. The boys have recently re-connected over Pirate 101, which has been awesome!

Kai and I dropped Brett off at the bus stop, returned some library books, nipped into the Post Office because Kai wanted a stamp collecting book, and made a quick stop at the grocery store.

Most of the rest of the day was spent with Kai and Bluin skyping and playing Pirate 101..


photo 1 (10)

Terrible photo – sorry!

I did some work that I’ve been procrastinating about, and cleaned the house (the in-laws arrive Saturday! I have a lot of cleaning to do!).

Food-wise – Kai had ice cream for breakfast. Like a true unschooler should! (joke!). Then he had noodles a little later, quorn nuggets,wedges and broccoli for dinner…and I expect to be taking him a plate of baby corn, chick peas and bread in a minute (it’s nearly 10pm…).

I went to the gym, as always on a Tuesday…when I got home, I helped Kai with his new stamp collecting book – he also got a bunch of stamps with it, and we have been saving stamps for a while that we also got to put in it.

photo 2 (7)

Then we read some Zac Power….and now he’s watching The Avengers before bed!

So –that’s our day…hope you had a wonderful day too…

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I feel kind of self-conscious more people are reading the blog, so I need to write something more profound….but I won’t!

It’s Day in the Life day – continued on from a tradition started by the Blue Skies unschooling group when we lived in Colorado…I hereby promise to document our day – beginning to end – 3rd Tuesday of the month!

Today Kai and I were up pretty early, maybe around 8.30am. Kai had a ‘plate of food’ for breakfast – nuts, baby corn, craisins, piece of bread with mayo…and mostly played his DS for a while – he’s into Lego Chima at the moment and has been multi-tasking between the Lego game and a DVD from the library!

I helped him find some walkthroughs, and he watched some TV – Adventure Time is too funny – really! He also went outside to chop some logs with his axe, then did bit of whittling with a new knife Brett bought him recently.

For lunch he had half a stick of garlic bread and a bowl of noodles….

After lunch we went for a walk, and to find a local geocache – one of the only one’s we haven’t yet found within walking distance of the house! We found it…

photo 1 (8)

Kai also noticed some ‘fairy mushrooms’ just up the road…

photo 2 (5)

(terrible photo – sorry – iPhone!)

and we saw trees with cool tessellations in the bark!

photo 3 (3)

A somewhat better picture…but I should have taken the good camera!

When we got home he played more DS Chima, and watched ‘The Flamin’ Thongs’ – a new and hilarious cartoon about an Australian family with mullets! (true story!).

We just had dinner – he had fish, potato wedges and broccoli, and probably some ice cream in a minute…

Before dinner he designed a game – you play it with action figures – it looks like this:

photo (25)

It’s only 6.50pm, but since I’m supposed to be working this evening, I should wrap this up! I foresee some Deadly 60, more Lego Chima on the DS and on the TV, and bed around 10.30pm.

Oh, and I wanted to add this link – we just watched ‘You’re Skitting Me’ which is a pretty awesome show – and Kai likes this skit – it’s pretty funny!


Hope y’all had a wonderful day too.

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How many of these have I already skipped this year!? Anyway, today I remembered, and I even took some photos!

This morning I was up at 7.45am. Only because Brett forgot his phone and had to wake me to get back in the house! Kai was up around 8.45am. He played some Minecraft. We played some Uno together and he won (as usual). He did some whittling outside.

photo 3 (2)

Then we went out to the swimming pool as it was a friends birthday.

The pool has pretty cool inflatables going on, as it’s school holidays…


Kai enjoyed them, but was annoyed he still isn’t allowed on the slides, even though he passed their swimming test, because he isn’t yet 10. I also think it’s unfair. He’s tall enough, he swims well enough – why have to be 10 too! Made worse by the fact that his friend was having his 10th Birthday today, so he went on the slides….

Anyway – so, after that, we stopped at Hungry Jack’s on the way home to cheer him up about the slide fiasco…

Back at home, he skyped and played Minecraft with his friend Astra for a while, then watched some TV, and had spinach pasta and broccoli for dinner…

photo 1 (1)

Minecraft and Hungry Jacks…multi-tasking!

Tonight was the ‘blood moon’, a total eclipse. The total eclipse happened just at moon rise here, so by the time we could see the moon, part of it was visible again, but it was still cool…

photo (18)

Terrible photo on my phone, but there it is!

I went to the gym…When I got home he was skyping with Astra again…bedtime could be any time at the moment, probably around 10.30pm though.

So that was our day. I hope you all had a great day too – we are enjoying this week of autumn sunshine!


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Start as I mean to go on, right! First Day in The Life of 2014! (now a day late…but hey – at least I wrote it! I just didn’t have this laptop to publish it!)

It’s not real exciting, I gotta tell ya! But hey – not every day can look picture perfect can it? Monday would’ve looked better – we went to the museum to see The Permian Monsters exhibit!

Tuesday however – was still pretty much a typical day….I got up about 9am. Kai got up about 10am. Brett worked at home, which is not so typical….although he has been doing that a fair bit lately.

Kai immediately wanted me to find a documentary on you tube for him, which is also fairly typical at the moment. Last week it was every episode of Prehistoric Park, over and over….this week, it’s all three episodes of ‘Walking with Monsters’ by the BBC, and over!

He watched all the episodes, showed me some of his favourite bits, then watched Episode 1 and 2 again.

He ate some cereal. Then he ate more cereal…

The internet kept going out a bit later, which was very frustrating for all members of our household! But it tends to do that when it’s a bit hot.

I spent the day doing housework and tidying up – last week’s heatwave meant the housework got forgotten for a while – because NO WAY am I putting on the vacuum when it’s over 40 C!

Kai watched some TV, and then played some Call of Duty Black Ops II, and then some Skyrim IV – the Elder Scrolls.

I went for a nana nap and left the boys in the lounge – Kai watching TV. When I got up, no-one was here!  They had apparently gone for a walk into the national park and to the post office to buy ice creams! Kai was proud to tell me he tied his own shoe laces TWICE today, including when he walked to the post office! He’s been practicing and after having trouble tying them the way I do it, we found a you tube of a MUCH easier way and he was doing it almost immediately! (I’m trying to find the you tube we watched, but can’t find it! If anyone is interested, I guess we could make our own!?).

We had tofu stir-fry with rice noodles for dinner (I’m only telling you because people seem interested in what unschooled kids eat!)…then Kai had ice cream. Then some more ice cream. Then at bed time cucumber, bread and tomatoes!

I went to the gym. When I got back Kai played more CoD Black Ops II. He fell asleep around 11pm, after watching a few episodes of Redakai!

And that was our day! I don’t have nice pictures, so here’s a picture from the Museum yesterday….and it’s tangentially related to watching Walking with Monsters at least!

photo 2 (1)

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