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Last Sunday we had a huge day out in the big city (that’s Melbourne – can’t remember if I changed my front page yet!)…

First off, we headed to Silver K Gallery to see their Star Wars and Superheroes Art Exhibition….which was awesome!

We unfortunately weren’t allowed to take photo’s of the art works, but you can see a bunch on their site.

Next we got on the train and went to the Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival in the city. It was hot. And it was packed! But there were some cool things, drumming, noodles, and cosplayers!

Kai really wanted to eat noodles like Naruto!

Kai loved this Itachi cosplayer!

After that, we headed up the road to Minotaur – massive, ginormous comic/Anime/pop culture shop!

It was quite overwhelming! But Kai settled on buying a PoP! Vinyl Smaug!

He was pretty happy with his purchase, and we headed home on the train….


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